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I was thinking the other day about writing a screenplay for a movie; something funny, a comedy or a farce; fictional, of course.  It’s taken a while to come up with something really ridiculous and completely unbelievable but I think I’ve nailed it.  Just bear in mind that it’s still a bit rough around the edges, but I think it still gives a good indication of my creative genius.

I’d like you to picture this exchange between the Apple evangelist (Steve Jobs –RIP), Joe Public (a couple of them) and the Samsung evangelist (let’s call him Samsung Bob, to protect his identity and my lack of knowledge of who the Samsung evangelist is).

Steve Jobs – RIP: Come buy my fantastic new iPhone!  It’s black, and rectangular, and it doesn’t do half what other mobile phones do but it’s so much better!  We’re totally going to put that lame fat Samsung out of business, in, like, two weeks! #LOL #FAIL #LAME #HASH

Joe Public : Umm, Steve…  The iPhone is nice and everything but don’t you think you’re exaggerating just a bit?  Samsung phones do a heck of a lot more than an iPhone, and besides, Samsung makes a whole lot of other products, like appliances, tv’s etc.  How exactly is an iPhone going to replace all of that?  I appreciate your enthusiasm but that kind of negative marketing just makes you sound silly.  Rather just stick to the facts and focus on your target audience.

Other Joe Publics:  Yup, we agree, you sound silly.

Out of the blue, the Samsung evangelist appears (wearing Old Spice aftershave).

Samsung Bob: I think it is stupid if Samsung fans are giving you a hard time. But please don’t somehow associate those statements with Samsung as that is not our view at all. There is room for different products and technologies when it comes to consumer electronics. I personally mention the iPhone quite a bit in my presentations as a valid option for determining  the time.

That all sounds pretty ridiculous, don’t you think?  I find the last bit the worst, but guess what?  That part isn’t fiction, it really happened.  Here’s how it all went down:

A while back I discovered a nifty little product called Corona SDK which is geared towards writing iOS and Android 2D games.  It’s really good and makes game development a breeze, but that’s pretty much all its really good for.  I wouldn’t try to use it to write a line of business application (mobile or not) simply because it’s not cut out for that (painful, and impossible if you’re not targeting iOS or Android).  For a business application I could use a myriad of other tools, Flash (Builder) included.

Anyhow, I downloaded it, played with it, and followed the company (Ansca) and the head honcho Carlos Icaza on Twitter.  It soon became very obvious that Carlos, an ex Adobe employee, had an axe to grind and never missed an opportunity at negative marketing, at the expense of Adobe.  Anything that could be remotely regarded as negative resulted in a tweet that usually ended in #FAIL.  In my opinion, this was childish and inappropriate (but he’s certainly not the only person to do that; Steve Jobs was a master at it).  Adobe MAX, where the new gaming features of Flash (Stage3D and Starling) were announced gave me the perfect opportunity to send a tongue in cheek tweet announcing the impending failure of Corona SDK at the hands of Flash.  I was somewhat surprised when Carlos got his panties in a knot and penned an entire blog post dedicated to defending himself and Corona SDK against my lone tweet (and still missing my point).  I think he was a little surprised when some of his fanboys agreed with me and also told him he was being silly and should just stick to the facts.  You can read the blog post and comments to get the idea.

Anyhow, that was nothing unusual, it was a typical blog post with a bit of fanboy ranting and flaming, nothing unusual, exciting, or extreme and only mildly interesting.  What really got me interested was when Lee Brimelow, the Adobe Gaming Evangelist, chimed in with his two cents.

“I think it is stupid if Flash developers are giving you a hard time. But please don’t somehow associate those statements with Adobe as that is not our view at all. There is room for multiple platforms and technologies when it comes to mobile gaming. I personally mention Corona quite a bit in my presentations as a valid option for mobile development. “

So, let me get this straight.  Adobe is putting a huge amount of effort into making Flash a better platform for gaming (the even demonstrated Angry Birds and Unreal in the Flash Player) and their gaming evangelist DEFENDS a competitor who is using unfair marketing comparisons against Adobe?  I have a better idea!  How about quitting brownnosing your competition and do your job – promote Flash!  Do you think companies like Apple and Microsoft (and others) got to where they are by kissing their competitors butts?  At least Carlos Icaza got one thing right – he knows how to compete and promote his product.

In the marketing stakes it’s Corona SDK 1 : Adobe -1.

I have only two things to say to Adobe and Lee Brimelow:

  • Learn what “evangelist” means.
  • Grow some damn BALLS!

Okay, I’ve said enough.

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  1. Reprezentant Avon Says:

    Adobe: A company with no balls….

    Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?…

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  1. 1. carlos Says:

    Great follow up to my blog. ;-)


    Carlos Icaza (yes, that one).

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